Premises Verification - Batch Upload

This batch upload process allows you to validate a spreadsheet list of premises identification numbers and obtain barcode labels of each PIN entered. The process involves 4 steps:
  1. Upload a spreadsheet that contains Premises IDs (PINs) and optional Production type (see template below).
  2. System will return the street address for each premises ID and "INVALID" for any invalid premises IDs.
  3. You will be given the option to generate a page of barcodes that can be printed onto labels (Avery 5160).
  4. Download the file to your local computer.

Download a Microsoft Excel Template to use to format your batch upload.

  1. You are limited to 500 Premises IDs per batch. Putting more in your spreadsheet will generate an error.
  2. The process of validating Premises IDs takes a bit of time. Even as few as a dozen records can take 30 seconds or more. It is best to keep batch sizes as small as possible.

Upload Excel File

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Validate Premises IDs


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